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Badger vs Tiger!

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It's a grudge match. The one no animal ever thought they'd see. The forest folk hero, the down to earth Badger, facing off against the notorious jet setting world superstar the Tiger. Taking the popularity of the badger as a perceived slight on his own super stardom the Tiger comes to the forest for the first and only time to prove once and for all he's the greatest wherever he lays his paws...

A comic story for anyone who lives badgers, tigers or professional wrestling (but with animals).

Get yourself down to the Great Tree Arena for the bout nobody wants to miss!

An entirely different side to his storytelling repertoire ... it’s a fine example of the pure craft of his storytelling.
- Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

28 pages, black and white
Printed on recycled paper, 115 gsm with 300 gsm cover
First printing - June 2017