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Show Me The Map To Your Heart & Other Stories...


Show Me The Map To Your Heart & Other Stories... is a collection of stories ranging from nostalgic coming of age tales to long distance relationships, being stranded on a desert island, coping with mental health problems and the childlike wonder of exploring fantasy worlds.

The title story, which features a fold out map, revolves around a folk tale romance and quest of self discovery.

Featuring four of the finest pages ever in comics, this is a black, white and decidedly blue collection of meticulously composed short stories.
Stephen L. Holland - Page 45

John Cei Douglas has a gift to make the melancholic beautiful and to immerse his audience in the emotional highs and lows of his characters in a way that few creators can match.
Andy Oliver - Broken Frontier

36 pages, one colour/b&w litho offset
Printed on Munken Pure 150 gsm
First Printing - November 2013
ISBN 9780957431881